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The Culvert Cleaner

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Don't get stuck "Cutting Streets" use the Maxi-Bore Earth Boring Equipment to save money.

Culvert Replacement:  To replace a 20" Culvert, across a County Road that’s about 30' long will cost the county about $2,500 to $3,000.  With our Culvert Cleaning machine you can clean it in less than a hour and eliminate the four plus days it would take to do it the regular way.

Problem:  20" Culvert that’s about 30' Long is 90% to 99% Blocked with clay soil.   What to do?  Unload the Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaner and be done with culvert cleaning in less than a hour with-out costly culvert replacement.  The Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaner can eliminate 90% of Culverts scheduled for replacement because of blockage!

Use Maxi-Bore Trench less technology that uses Earth Boring to save and preserve historic brick roads with out having to remove and replace historic brick roads surfaces.

When you look at the Maxi-Bore Earth Boring Equipment you are looking at "MADE IN USA", With the exception of the engine and the wheels you are looking at a product that 100% designed and manufactured in our own Fort Worth, TX Manufacturing Plant.

Many of our customers and other customer call us and make special requests.  Including adaptors and special design / specialty bits and reamers to meet there Earth Boring requirements.

Because Maxi-Bore has in-house Design and manufacturing we even get calls from customers who have completive products to make specialty bits and parts to meet there needs.  In many cases these items are requested, built and shipped in the same day!

Maxi-Bore Earth Boring Equipment brings price and performance levels to customers.    Every month we sell machines both in the USA and to offshore customers.

Part of our continued product development we set goals to manufacture the most durable, accurate and reliable Earth Boring equipment.  This includes manufacturing capacities such as our new CNC Lathe.  This allows our parts to build to even tighter tolerances and increases our parts production capabilities.  I also allow part number 1 to be exactly like part number 200.

The Maxi-Bore Earth Boring equipment eliminates cutting road surfaces to run Traffic Signaling, Electrical lines, water drops, and Irrigation water lines.

Cities can protect their road surfaces; they can use non-destructive Maxi-Bore Earth Boring equipment to complete the work.  When you use underground, Trench less Earth Boring equipment you reduce costly, and unnecessary street cutting..

Use Maxi-Bore Earth Boring equipment to bore under Roads, driveways, trees, and lawns and save your money and time in getting the job done.

The Maxi-Bore Earth Boring equipment allows Cities to make Street Cutting obsolete.  Use that saving to rebuild or build new streets.

Cities Earth Boring Applications: 

   Earth Boring for Traffic Signaling control wires.

   Earth Boring for Irrigation water lines

   Earth Boring for Electrical Conduit / Circuits

   Earth Boring for Water Drops

   Culvert Cleaning    Culvert Cleaner   Culvert Tools  Culvert Cleaning ToolsRota-JETTER Culvert Cleaner

   Earth Boring for Extending fire hydrant lines

   Earth Boring for Eliminate Street Cuttings


  Maxi-Bores allows non-destructive utility installations under paved surfaces.  Maxi-Bore Eliminates use of Road Barricades and workers having to work in traffic lanes.

In many more areas, Street Cutting has become illegal or very limited.  With the Maxi-Bore Earth Boring Equipment and Underground Boring Systems you can eliminate costly, unnecessary street cutting.

The City Council of Vidor, Texas approved purchase of Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaning System!   Steve Coleman, Street and drainage Manager was impressed with the amount of tree roots removed from the very first culvert cleaned with the systems.   Steve states there culverts are totally full of Pine tree needles, branches and dirt from the major storm last year.   The general plan is to keep the Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaning Machine on the streets of Vidor every workday.  All the culverts have to be initially cleaned to get water run off moving.   One Texas County went from 5 to 6 culverts cleaned a day with road crews and after purchase of their own Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaning Machine they were able to clean over 21 Culverts in one day…

If you already have a JETTER then you should buy a Boring Buddy Culvert Cleaner to help clean culverts Faster.  The Boring Buddy is a two man culvert tool.   You can see the Boring Buddy at boringbuddy.com.

Many of our county Government Roads and Bridge departments use the Rota-JETTER to clean over 15 culverts in one day.  The Rota-JETTER reduces labor costs and allows crews to clean more culverts faster


Rota-JETTER Culvert Tool.  The Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaner is the top of the line Culvert Cleaning Machine.   It is the only JETTER Culvert Cleaning Machine on the market that  allows the POWER rotating culvert tools to do the heavy work.  The Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaner has 9” Culvert Tool, 11” Culvert Tool, 13” Culvert Tool, 16” Culvert Tool, 18” Culvert Tool, 22” Culvert Tool,  24” Culvert Tool, 28” Culvert Tool and 34” Culvert Tool.

Culvert Buddy Culvert Tool.  The Culvert-Buddy tool allows two workers  to clean most small culvert quickly and efficiently.   If you already own a Culvert JETTER then you need a Culvert-Buddy to allow your JETTER work faster and reduce the amount of water needed for culverts cleaning.   The culvert cleaning Culvert-Buddy allows you to use its culvert tools to reduce the labor to clean culverts.

The Culvert Cleaner is a great Culvert Tool.   “The CULVERT CLEANER” allows you to use the power of a Skid-Steer to quickly and effecently do culvert cleaning.    The Culvert Tools with The Culvert Cleaner has different  cuvert tools to meet your needs.    The Brush culvert tools can be used by them selves to do culvert Cleaning or they can be used as a final culvert cleaning process.    By adding additional cleaning rod it will allow you to move your culvert tool through longer culverts.    This unit has Brush Culvert Tools,  Auger Culvert Tools, and High speed Culvert tools to meet your needs.